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If you’re in need of some inspiration… I did a little bit of word-mapping back in 2015 in an old art diary which I recently uncovered.

These words serve as the inspiration to art projects, photo shoots, countless creative endeavours, writing pieces + meditation.
Take them to your zen den or creative space and see which words resonate!


focus, clean, energy, light, orb, stars, celestial, magick, spiral, zen, seek, learn, balance, grow, awaken, relax, space, time, emerge, harmony, discovery, breathe, fresh, ecstasy, vibrancy, bloom, alive, metamorphosis, muse, dazzle, free, intuition, vision, ready, discipline, destiny, rejuvenate, shine, age, motivation, wings, ask, self, experience, rhythm, found, ice, attention, universe, desire, wish, curiosity, reflection, optimism, spirit, stretch, challenge, surprise, illusion, mischief, protect, rare, brilliance, zeal, enchanting, attraction, paradise, zingy, try, you, release, cheery, glow, spontaneous, buzz, organic, vine, shock, craving, abstract, respect, crystal, perspective, invention, genius, fairy, reality, radiance, shatter, embrace, blessing, pizazz, vivacity, breakthrough, clarity, cheeky, illuminate, golddust, dripping, synapse



– PH