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Welcome to

Here, I wish to be of use to you in more ways than one.

With interests in design, photography, writing, artmaking, and wellbeing, I seek to share the things I’m learning in these fields.

I’m not quite sure what I wish for this space to become, but my direction goes along with my ambition to continue levelling-up my knowledge and mastery of skills in regards to my above interests.

Most of all, I believe a creative life fosters fulfilment and so this shall be my mission; to maintain creativity and impart it in my life in a multifaceted way.

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I’ve always amassed ideas and meaning and thoughts, never knowing how to slow my mind. Always thinking of something. I am a thinker. I need to express myself through writing and talking to others, to inspire connection and growth, to dissipate feelings of loneliness and instead learn to grow in alone time.

Some facts about myself that may provide insight:

  1. I always like to have my toenails painted red.
  2. For someone who calls herself a ‘creative’ being, I struggled in keeping up with a creative practice a couple years ago. This is something I am working at fostering and developing a love for all over again.
  3. Plant-based eating has been a consistent focal point in my lifestyle – even though I’ve slipped up with it here and there. I feel a lot better for choosing this as a diet, lifestyle, path toward compassion. Diet is something I try not to ascribe labels to as it can feel restrictive, and the more I eat the more I understand how my body is responding and what it needs more of.
  4. If there is something I wish to know more about, I research it to death. RESEARCH everything for YOURSELF!
  5. Water is damn fantastic. And yet, not all water comes equal (does your tap water taste metallic or mineral-ly?). Make sure you are feeding your body with it when it needs it, because dehydration isn’t fun.
  6. Gratitude is your biggest asset. Use it daily, learn about it, and be grateful for something each day!
  7. Love has given a lot to my life and I try not to take it for granted. Consequently, I think it’s pretty vital to cherish your loved ones.
  8. If I am a passenger in your car, I ride only on the condition that you don’t use your phone. If you can’t agree to this, you can drop me on the curb.