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Hello! I’m Peta.

My biggest passion is creativity, and this means helping you use your own to get the most out of life!

Here’s a basic run-down of what this space is:


This is a hub for all of my personas. I paint + I close the shutter, I write thingsSociety6 prints pretty art of mine on a range of clothing + items.

Basically, CREATE is the motto.

You can also find my published writing over at Thought Catalog. This is one of my favourite artist sites as it supports writers of all walks by providing an engaging platform to share our ideas. also serves as my experimentation lab. The human experience is an individual one, though it is shared with our peers. As an individual, it is up to me alone to craft a fulfilling existence. For this I cannot rely on anyone else to bring me happiness or fulfilment. I will be writing about these experiments in a bid to share what I’m learning, and what I’m having success with. Hopefully you, too, can gain insight and understanding and make changes for the better.

On another note, this image sums up how most of my nearest + dearest see me (a.k.a. being weird).

**Sidenote: Isn’t it crazy how we see ourselves back-to-front to everyone else (unless they’re looking in a mirror with you) And even then, we only know our physical image as reflections or photographs.