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couple relationship requires work together
Have you found yourself questioning the state of your relationship lately? Are you stuck wondering why you feel a lack of love for your partner? Perhaps you’re struggling to understand what has fundamentally changed, and why you don’t feel nearly as ‘in-love’ as you used to?

Removing the Gauze of Perception in Your Relationship

(Take note; I’m talking about healthy relationships, with an equal share of respect and love for each partner.)

I think a lot of people are blind (or naive) to the fact that romantic love and relationships require effort.

They won’t allow themselves to consider that it needs nurturing and a steady amount of work to flourish. The idea that you have to show up every day in order to nurture your intimate bond seems too much.

When a relationship falls apart, certain things or realisations may happen. Perhaps it is that you feel you no longer have anything in common with each other. Maybe you’re consistently arguing with your significant other. Do you resent being in their presence more often than not? Have you stopped feeling attraction toward your partner?

All these issues are salvageable. We can come back from each of them. You just have to agree to put in the work!

The Simple Reason a Relationship May Fail

So what is the underlying cause at the heart of so many breakups?

A lack of effort.


***This article was originally published at Thought Catalog, on December 31st, 2017. Continue reading at TC.